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Pull up a chair and play some video poker!

Whatever your pleasure is, you're certain to find something that strikes your poker fancy.

Don't be disappointed by the other casinos that make you download their software before you can see if they carry the game that you want to play, with these guys, you can just jump right in, what you see is what you get!

So, if you have an urge to play some of the best online video poker games without downloading any extra software, you should check these out below!

Aces & Faces

If you're a video poker enthusiast, then you should know how this game works, but we'll give you a refresher just in case.

  • Classic poker wins apply
  • Biggest payout is for 4 Aces at 400 times your bet
  • Plays with 4 hands
Our suggestion? Always bet the max so that you can get the maximum pay outs. What we mean is, if you know you are going to win, would you rather win $5 or $25? That's a no-brainer for us!

Pai Gow Poker

One of the newer hands of poker, Pai Gow was created in the U.S., in California, in the late 80's. It's played with seven cards instead of the standard five and because you split your cards it doubles your chances to win!

  • 7 cards (split five and two)
  • Same value for the splits
  • Small commission is paid to the dealer upon a win
Essentially, you will want to get the best poker hand that you can bet for the standard five and use high cards or another poker hand like two 2s or clubs-clubs for the split of two. Once you play it a few times, we're sure you'll get the hang of it.

Deuces Wild

Why the deuce? We've always wondered. Maybe it's because its value is worth two and someone wanted the card to have two worth, one that was face value and the other that could be anything? Interesting thought.

  • Deuces (twos) are wild
  • Standard poker hands apply
  • $100 maximum total bet
  • Play one to four hands

Bonus Poker

For those flash poker aficionados that want the option to play just a straight five card game or more, you're going to love this 52 one! Where else can you play that many hands of poker without downloading someone's software? It would be great for anyone that has a Mac computer, it would really put it to the test!

  • 1, 3, 10 or 52 hands
  • Max bet is 50 coins at $1 per coin
  • Select bet amount at the bottom
  • Select number of hands at the top
  • "Bonus" is the option of doubling your win on four-of-a-kinds
Play it once and you'll be hooked, but in a good way!

You can find this and many other no-download games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

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